ACT4ECO is a dynamic knowledge-sharing platform facilitating knowledge for consumers on how to use energy efficiently. The platform guides users to act on five important themes:

  • Limiting the house’s carbon footprint by improving its energy performance and investing in highly efficient technology options and appliances.
  • Familiarising users with options for controlling their energy consumption by correctly using and understanding ICT energy equipment.
  • Helping users draw links between their daily routine activities and their energy consumption, e.g. by adopting small changes in behaviour that can bring significant improvements.
  • Avoiding the return to bad energy consumption habits.
  • Guiding consumers in evaluating if it is worth investing in small-scale energy generation, e.g. by providing information on the necessary technical requirements.
Applicability: Other
Type of tool: Platform (Online-based interactive platform)
Regional applicability: The content is available in 11 languages, incl. in Bulgarian
Complexity: Applicable without special prior knowledge
Project phase: The tool can be used for the idea generation and planning phase
Necessary data for use: n/a

Free and no registration needed.

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