HomeRule helps to operate energy communities, focusing on managing one building/home energy needs. The tool encompasses different features which bring new possibilities of management and control of various tech, resulting in added value for end-users. It also supports the connection to other COMPILE tools, which enable community-oriented management of flexibility.

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The COOLKIT is a repository of reports and dashboards on how to build an energy community. The best practice guide provides examples for all types of activities, energy services and citizen-led partnerships. The stakeholder engagement guide provides tools and techniques to build community groups and organizations. The financing guide explains how to finance your projects and structure your ownership. The technical tools guide describes the technical tools developed by the COMPILE project.

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Naslovna Tools PROJECT COMPILE ComPilot is designed as a digital platform that allows virtual energy communities to be created and helps them manage their operation. The tool strives to activate more energy community members since it is formed as a socio-technological platform with various functionalities. It manages the demand response procedures, and by using it,

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