REPLACE Heating Calculator

With the “REPLACE your Heating System Calculator” you can find the best future-proof, resilient and climate-friendly alternative to your old heating system in just three steps. Individually for renovating or replacing your boilers or ovens, tailored to your home and your situation in 10 European target regions. The calculator works in 8 languages (BiH, DE, BG, ES, HR, MK, RS, SL) almost like an energy consultation.

Applicability: Collective actions in general/individual measures
Type of tool: Calculator
Regional applicability: Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain
Complexity: Does not require specific knowledge. Meant for consumers and experts.
Project phase: The tool can be used for the planning phase as well as for the expansion phase
Necessary data for use: The tool does require data on buildings and heat consumption

The tool is available free of charge and without a prior registration.

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