Photovoltaic self-consumption calculator

The photovoltaic self-consumption calculator provides information for a planned photovoltaic system on how and to what extent the self-consumption share of the on-site produced PV electricity can be increased. It can be used to evaluate the case of a photovoltaic system without participation in a renewable energy community. The tool can also help to calculate the increase of the self-consumption share of a system with a maximum of 10 kWp or of a household with a maximum of 10,000 kWh of annual electricity consumption through electric load management, storage, and electric water heating. The use of a heat pump and an electric car are only described qualitatively in the tool and are not included in the calculation.

Applicability: Collective actions in general
Type of tool: Calculation tool
Regional applicability: In German for Vienna (Austria) and surroundings (the results can also be used for a rough estimation for other regions)
Complexity: Applicable without special prior knowledge; a simple online tool
Project phase: The tool can be used for the planning phase, as well as for the expansion phase (new customers)
Necessary data for use: Location of the installation, size and electricity consumption of the household, inclination, orientation, and power of the planned photovoltaic installation

The tool is available free of charge and can be used without prior registration.

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