Energy Neighbourhoods

The programme organised by EON and Green Dependent Institution is a community competition where communities of families/households across the country compete to see who can save more (minimum 9%) energy in their homes. The Energy Communities programme and its specific methodology are characterised by helping to clarify the link between climate change and everyday life, helping to save energy without reducing the quality of life, helps to providing programme participants with information and guidance on what they can do in their own homes to save energy without investing, participants work with other families to support and empower each other to achieve sustainable lifestyles, with expert support and advice.

Applicability: Collective actions of households
Type of tool: Community program (has been running for a couple of years, we don’t know how long it will continue)
Regional applicability: Hungary
Complexity: It needs engaged consumers
Project phase: Implementation phase
Necessary data for use: Data of the participating households

The tool is available free of charge. Annual registration is needed.

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