ECCO-Financing Best Practices Guide

The guide informs (future) ECCOs and policy makers on what financial supporting schemes already exist and function well for realizing local energy cooperatives. It summarizes common, as well as activity-specific financing problems, encountered in the development, construction, and operation phase of community-centred energy cooperatives. Additionally, it gives an overview of commonly used financing instruments, provides some specific funding solutions that some ECCOs applied detailed insights into the funding schemes of three energy cooperatives of the ECCO-Programme.

Applicability: Energy communities / collective actions in general
Type of tool: Report
Regional applicability: No regional restriction (in English)
Complexity: Expert level – comprehensive report for people who are more concretely interested in the topic
Project phase: The report can be used for the planning phase.
Necessary data for use: The tool does not need any data input and can be used directly.

The tool is available free of charge and without a prior registration.

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