Benefit tools for REC

The Benefit Tool can be used to estimate the economic viability of a renewable energy community with photovoltaic systems (with and without storage) for projects planned in Austria. The tool distinguishes between “conventional” (without energy community) and “energy community” and compares the respective electricity prices. Economic advantages through participation in an energy community (e.g., reducing grid fees) are estimated in this way. It works for both local and regional energy communities.

Applicability: (renewable) Energy communities
Type of tool: Calculator (economic calculation)
Regional applicability: Austria
Complexity: Applicable without special prior knowledge; simple Excel tool plus PDF instructions; numerous predefined values
Project phase: The benefit tool can be used for the planning phase as well as for the expansion phase (new customers)
Necessary data for use: Energy purchase price with and without energy community, feed-in tariff without energy community, energy sales price in the energy community

The model contracts are available free of charge and can be used without prior registration.

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