💡How to use-Get members

his page describes how to use the get members section of this blueprint for the creation of national gateways.

To adapt the get members section of this blueprint some hints might be helpful:

  • Target group profiles“: This section describes different kinds of target groups and how they can be motivated to join or support an energy community. You can adapt, add and erase profiles according to your national circumstances.
  • Types of members” describe the different kinds of roles target groups could fulfil in an energy community/collective action in your country.
  • Key messages” provide to-the-point key messages to motivate people to join/support an energy community and the explanation behind it. Add country specific key messages, delete those that do not apply to your country, and adapt those given to your country specific situation.
  • White label materials“: this section provides templates for communication material used by energy communities for free. Translate the material and adapt it to your country specific situation. You can also think of offering more material or not offering all the materials to start with.
  • The “Communication activities” provide detailed suggestions on how to address people using different kinds of channels, such as personal outreach, presentations at events, social media and more.

Steps to get the get members section ready to go online:

  • Adapt the how to get members section to your national circumstances (e.g., regarding target group profiles or social media). Add or delete content according to the needs in your country.
  • Delete this page 🙂 (or set it offline).
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