đź’ˇHow to use-Get inspired

This page describes how to use the get inspired section of this blueprint for the creation of national gateways.

To adapt the get inspired section of this blueprint some hints might be helpful:

  • “Best practices”: Existing energy community projects can be used as a source of inspiration for the user to implement own ideas. Ideally, examples of energy communities in your country can be identified and presented here, if you do not have so many national examples, you may also include them from other countries. For each example, we recommend to include a description, quotes from important persons involved in the example, meaningful stories, and a link to relevant contact information (e.g. to the website of the energy community).
  • “Videos”: Here you can embed YouTube videos about energy communities (or set links to other video services). We recommend carefully selecting videos regarding their content and to focus on videos in your national language. In some countries there may be so many videos available that it makes the selection difficult, in other countries there may be few videos in the national language. Find your way to present videos if it is relevant for your national gateway, if it does not make sense, set this sub-page offline.
  • “News”: News in your country or even at an EU level can help the reader to find important information on energy communities. The number of news depends on how many news are available in your country. You might have to select the most important news from many sources or even create your own news, if external ones are lacking. It is important to regularly include news (at least once a month), so that the whole website does not look abandoned.

Steps to make the get inspired section ready to go online:

  • Please identify relevant best practice examples of energy communities that are relevant for the gateway users in your country. You may need to contact these energy communities in order to formulate stories and include meaningful quotes from key persons in them (e.g. the founder).
  • Make sure you allocate suitable filter items to the best practices, so that the filter helps the user find suitable examples.
  • Screen news of the energy community sector in your country on a regular basis (e.g. in the internet) and include news in the national gateway at least once a month. If you do not have news for a long time, we recommend setting the news section offline. However, this should be an exception.
  • Delete this “How to use” page 🙂 (or set if offline)
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