💡How to use-Get informed

This page describes how to use the get informed section of this blueprint for the creation of national gateways.

To adapt the get informed section of this blueprint some hints might be helpful:

  • Project concepts” generally explains which projects can be implemented in energy communities. To frame project concepts, different questions can be answered using the “canvas model”, explained under Define your project. You should include examples of the most relevant project concepts for your country in dedicated sub-pages.
  • Financing“: We suggest separating this section into “Financing options for investments” as well as “Financing options for securing the cash flows”. Identify and include for each financing option concrete information which help the user to get the energy community project financed (e.g., national banks, crowdfunding platforms, etc.)
  • Legislation“: This category is further divided into “Contractual issues and statutes”, “Laws and regulations”, “Legal form of the energy community”, and “Permission procedures”. Identify and include for each category national examples that are useful for implementing energy community projects in your country.
  • Glossary“: Explain relevant terms related to energy communities to which people may come into contact with when setting up, joining or expanding energy communities.
  • FAQ“: In this section, you should include frequently asked questions that are general applicable to energy communities or even very specific to technologies or to your country. If the FAQs are getting too many, we recommend to cluster them in subcategories, to help the reader to find them. These categories are displayed at the beginning of the FAQ site.

Steps to make the get informed section ready to go online:

  • Please choose the most relevant information for your national circumstances: choose project concepts, financing options, relevant information on legislation, and FAQs that support local heroes to set up or expand their citizen-driven energy action in your country. Have a look at the presented examples to get inspired.
  • Make sure to find a good way to categorize the information so that your national local heroes can easily find what they need (i.e. in the FAQ section).
  • Create subpages mirroring this structure.
  • Add examples and information to your subpages.
  • Delete this “How to use” page 🙂 (or set if offline).
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