đź’ˇHow to use-Get equipped

This page describes how to use the get equipped section of this blueprint for the creation of national gateways.

To adapt the get equipped section of this blueprint, some hints might be helpful:

  • “National tool collection” & “International tool collection” is a collection of tools that might (or might not) be helpful for energy community or other citizen-driven energy projects in your country. This is made for you, as the creator of a national gateway/one-stop-shop, to get an idea of what is out there already. For your national gateway, you may delete these two categories and include meaningful categories such as “calculation tools”, “guidelines”, etc.
  • “Calculation tools” & “Guidelines“: these sections are examples of how your national gateway could look like in the end.
  • “Picture database“: you can just keep this sub-page for your national gateway. Please translate the short explanatory text.

Steps to get the get equipped section ready to go online:

  • Please identify the most relevant materials/tools for the support of energy communities in your country: choose tools, guidelines, etc. that can support local heroes set up or expand their citizen-driven energy action in your country. Have a look at our “National tool collection” & “International tool collection” to get ideas.
  • Make sure to find a good way to categorise your chosen tools so that your national local heroes can easily find what they need (i.e. using the given categorisation into guidelines and calculation tools).
  • Create subpages resembling this structure.
  • Add tools to your subpages. We recommend to offer a maximum of nine tools per category.
  • Switch pages “National tool collection” & “International tool collection” to “offline”.
  • Delete this “How to use” page 🙂 (or set it offline).
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